Cruise Ship Interior Renovations In Uncertain Times Makes Managing Costs Vital To Meet Guests Expectations

The Cruise Ship Industry will face many challenges when they begin sailing after pausing operations due to the Corona Virus. The financial consequences have been daunting, where thousands of jobs have been lost, while wiping out capital expenditures required to expand or update their current fleets.

Attracting new and returning guests to sail again will be vital in reconstructing the potential of the industry, while strengthening its current financial position. Guests expectation will be higher than ever and cruise ship operators will have to deliver an impeccable product with tighter sanitary standards to meet those demands and guarantee future bookings.

The design quality of public areas on a ship and the items within are essential in shaping guests’ first impressions. It is the first room they see upon arrival and the last space they see when departing. These rooms help guests to form their quality standards for the rest of the cruise ship and gauge their satisfaction based on the standards they initially set. It is important that the furniture in your public areas are up to date in both quality and design. The furniture should make guests feel welcomed and relaxed, helping to set the tone for the rest of their stay. Guests’ appreciate quality furniture that’s: functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Meeting the new expectations and customer demands with limited capital expenditures is a challenge, which requires stretching the value of each dollar spent to obtain results that meet by far the expectations of guests. Maintaining your existing furniture is a critical component to the cruise operators’ long-term profitability because it affects so many other areas on the ship. Furniture is one of the largest components of assets. Managing costs is vital. When it comes to sourcing, reupholstering eliminates that long lead-time and costs incurred for shipping, taxes, labor for moving, storage and disposal all while improving your ship’s CO2 footprint as an added value.

Cruise Ship operators that are investing more money creating those “Instagram-worthy” spaces understand that guests want to create an unforgettable experience thus creating a richer life. If your cabin staterooms and FF&E need to be refreshed and updated but your common areas need that as well, consider reupholstering and restoring your furniture instead of replacing it. Xaler Systems LLC on site expertise of full reupholstering and refinishing services will meet brand standard specifications and provide substantial cost-savings that cruise operators can reinvest those dollars into technology, lighting, HVAC, security upgrades and so much more that will benefit their guests.

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